LAHAV’s Adopt a City Initiative

Together we can inspire an additional ONE THOUSAND secular couples to build homes on Torah values

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Ignite the Spark in EVERY Jewish Heart.

Lahav is an organization that reaches out to over three thousand secular Israeli couples annually, inspiring them to build homes based on Torah values. This is easily accomplished since by law every couple getting married in Israel must attend a Rabbanut approved class on Taharas Hamishpacha. In cities where Lahav operates, the secular couples are referred to Lahav where they learn one-on-one instead of in large, impersonal groups. The couples develop lasting relationships with our caring, professional Kallah teachers. Preparation for marriage becomes a most amazing, meaningful Jewish experience, paving the path to complete Torah observance. More info at

99% of couples rate their experience as “excellent”. 70% also are inspired to continue Torah classes in other subjects!
In cities where Lahav operates, additional Mikvaos were built due to the increase of women frequenting the Mikvah.

Chinese Auction:

Drawing date: May 25, 2018

FURNITURE Rochel Taub, Monsey, NY
WIG Eli Shemesh, Brooklyn, NY
JEWELRY Sima Gefen, Far Rockaway, NY
LADIES SHOPPING Katie Gamzeh, Monsey, NY
$1,000 GROCERIES Sheryl Fayena, Brooklyn, NY
EVERGREEN Shully Munk, Lakewood, NJ
BABY PKG G. Setton, Brooklyn, NY
DOONA Rachel Berg, Monsey, NY
HOME DECOR Miri Erani, Brooklyn, NY
HOVERBOARD & DRONE G. Yedid, Brooklyn, NY
KITCHEN Aviva Zelman, Monsey, NY
PERSONAL PKG Friede Mishan, Brooklyn, NY
MENS PKG Malky Kanarek, Lakewood, NJ
TEEN PKG G. Setton, Brooklyn, NY
SHABBAT Yitzchok Ghodsi, Lakewood, NJ
TOYS Tonia Shamah, Brooklyn, NY

SPONSOR HONOR SCROLL (alphabetically) :
Rachel Berg
M. Braunstein
Terry Dweck
Ezra Erani
C. Rosmarin
Joey Setton
Deborah Shalom

Adopt a Kallah